Shipment Cost and delivery time  with GLS Logistics
Country Cost for buys up to 180 Euro Cost Free over Euro Delivery - work days
Austria 18,00 180,00 3-4
Belgium 15,00 180,00 3-4
Bulgaria 30,00 250,00 7-9
Croatia 50,00 400,00 5-6
Czech republic 24,00 250,00 4-5
Denmark 8,00 100,00 1-2
Estonia 32,00 300,00 8-9
France* 19,00 180,00 3-5
Germany 12,00 180,00 3-4
Ireland 24,00 250,00 5-6
Italy 18,00 180,00 5-7
Luxembourg 15,00 180,00 3-4
Malta 50,00 300,00 5-8
Netherlands 12,00 180,00 3-4
Norway** 18,00 (plus tax/custom) 180,00  (tax/custom not free) 3-6
Poland 25,00 250,00 4-6
Portugal 25,00 250,00 5-7
Slovakia 22,00 250,00 4-6
Spain 24,00 250,00 5-8
Sweden 12,00 124,00 3-5
Switzerland 12,00 180,00 4-5
If Your country is not in the list and you wish to buy - please write an e-mail to      
* Not to some islands or places where normal delivery is not in function  
** Cost of Local Import tax is not included in the price  




When completing an order, it will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days. Normal delivery time to addresses in Europe can be seen above. All items are shipped with GLS or Post Nord. Reservations are made for printing errors, changes in prices and inventory management errors.



Here you can print a return slip and print / buy a return label for your return package. Fill out the return slip by adding the return package to it.

If you want another item, please place a new order via our webshop. We will ship the new order as soon as possible.

Return your order to us:

  1. Order and print your return slip, as well as return label, so you can send items back to us.
  2. Attach the completed return slip to the box and put the return label on the outside of the package
  3. Deliver the return package to your nearest GLS Parcel Shop - Remember to get a receipt from GLS!
  4. Upon receiving the return package, we will credit you the cost of the item within 10 working days. You pay the return shipping yourself. Plesse see this site for the preconditions which must be met to conduct a crediting of returned items Click here.

Return Shipment Cost is different from Shipment of orders because we use another company for administration.